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Aperitivo [3pm -5pm | Fri-Sun]


standing ovation 

a spritz of cappelletti with suze, prosecco, 

& orange bitters

what else would i do?

sage infused sherry, licor 43, limon soda, 

& bitters

aperol spritz

it’s that time of year again

negroni no.54

dented brick gin, dolin rouge, campari, bitters


a lighter take on a classic: campari, sweet vermouth, & prosecco

north americano

lo-fi amaro, bresca dorada blanc vermouth, 

& soda 

... $10 3-5pm


white ferrari 

crystal clear negroni fueled by mezcal, salers, 

& split vermouth ...18

the great jones manhattan 

our friends at Great Jones Distillery understood the assignment  ...19

dirty Jolene 

it‘s a dirty martini, but somebody‘s got to drink it (vodka or gin)...18